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How to Scale Customer Service Demands

High-quality customer experience is one of the greatest differentiators between a business and its competitors. Furthermore, according to Microsoft, customer service is an important driver…

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Outsource Your Customer Service in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism is a fast-paced and growing industry that is expected to be worth $8.6 trillion worldwide in 2022.1 Holidays are a crucial part…

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The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can make or break a company, proven by the fact that only one in five are willing to forgive a single bad experience…

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What Makes a Good Outsourced Customer Service Centre?

To be profitable, stretched modern businesses must streamline towards efficiency. Outsourcing can take high-demand, repetitive tasks out of your hands and into those of highly…

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4 Customer Engagement Strategies for eCommerce Success

Good customer experience is crucial, but it’s not always simple to understand how to achieve that. However, with businesses that focus on improving customer experience…

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5 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

Almost 46% of companies report prioritising customer experience (CX) over areas such as the product and pricing.1 CX is able to fuel everything from your…

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Customer Support Services That You Should (and Shouldn’t) Outsource

The age-old customer service (CS) question — to outsource or not to outsource?  Outsourcing brings lots of benefits, but that also means letting go of…

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5 Components of an eCommerce Christmas Campaign

The Secret is Effective Customer Service During the holiday season, eCommerce sites come up with creative campaigns to make the most of the increased flow…

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3 Steps to Creating a Successful Black Friday eCommerce Strategy

Black Friday is a hugely important day for any eCommerce business. In part due to challenging economic conditions, consumers are looking for deals — with…

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