Market Research and Customer Survey Solutions

Gather customer insights quickly and efficiently with Odondo

Conducting market research or surveying your customers is a great way of understanding and testing in more detail what real people actually think about an idea or proposition. But many companies choose to ignore this because of the perception around the time it takes to do and the cost.

Our experience in this sector means that you can set up and run a market research or customer survey campaign very quickly. And our unique pay-as-you-use model means you choose how big or small this is, whether it’s a pilot to feel your way into it and learn as you go, or as part of a much larger and complex campaign.

Through our network of experienced UK-based homeworking agents, we’ll source the right agents for your campaign based on the selection criteria of your choosing. And because our agents work from home, we can give you the flexibility of choosing the optimal times of the day and week to run campaigns and increase customer contact rates.

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