Inbound and Outbound Sales Solutions

Improve your sales performance with Odondo’s flexible workforce

To get the most bang from your marketing buck, you need to make sure your sales organisation is delivering the highest possible revenue for your campaigns. And by accessing Odondo’s network of high quality agents you can do this, while still controlling your costs through our flexible and unique pay-as-you-use outsourcing model.

We’ll source the right agents for you and your particular campaign, based on their experience in similar campaigns, as well as any other factors that are important to you such as industry or systems experience, or second language proficiencies

Whether you’re looking for a complete outsourced solution for your sales function, or need to boost your existing team numbers when things get busier, we’ll have the right solution for you using our flexible pay-as-you-use network of UK-based agents.

We take the best features of a traditional physical call centre and replicate them using our homeworking agents. All their calls are recorded, and their performance monitored and managed real-time. We’ll provide you with bespoke campaign reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so you never lose control of your campaign and the outcomes. And without the overheads of a physical centre or expensive hardware, we’re able to provide you with a high quality solution much more cost-effectively, using highly motivated and hard-working homeworking agents.

Our solution can be configured and deployed in days rather than weeks or months. Using our experience with similar campaigns, and your knowledge of your customers and proposition we’ll help you put together a campaign that will help smash your sales targets.

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