Flexible eCommerce customer service for unpredictable consumer demand.

Customers demand the best. Our approach to customer service gives your customers just that — access to knowledgeable, high quality agents. And all with the flexibility to pick and choose the services you need, when you need them. So your customers want to come back for more.

eCommerce Top Image
eCommerce Top Image

Every basket. Every sale. Every customer: eCommerce customer service that delivers, every time.

Competition is rapidly increasing in the eCommerce space — so too are customer expectations. We know that eCommerce goes through cycles of peaks and troughs, so you need a solution that can take advantage of those peaks, without over-committing resources through the troughs. Outsource your customer service function today, piecemeal or entirely, for remarkable customer service that keeps you competitive, without breaking the bank.

Seasonal Scalability

Seasonal scalability:

Through eCommerce’s critical Q4 period your sales peak. And your customer service demand will rise with it. Our on-demand model allows you to scale your function up or down as required. So, when you need more agent resources, you’ll have them, and when you don’t, you won’t pay for the spare capacity.

Meet customer expectations

Meet customer expectations:

Customers want the best products, service and experience, whatever the situation. Our distributed high-quality, specialised agents operate across multiple channels to deliver the exceptional customer service they desire, and deserve, in the right way for them. Giving your business the flexible capacity to serve your customers however they like.

Logistics into loyalty

Logistics into loyalty:

It’s all about the brand. We understand that developing and sustaining your brand is a vital part of any eCommerce business. So we take the time to allocate agents that are tailored to your unique requirements and needs. Allowing your customers to feel satisfied that their issues are actually being heard and resolved.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs:

In-house customer service is expensive. Between recruiting, equipping and managing your team, the costs can add up. Our pay-as-you-use model allows you to tailor the solution you need, whilst watching the purse strings. We can help you deliver a superior customer experience, without over-committing yourself or overinvesting unnecessarily.

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Customer service designed with eCommerce in mind...

Supporting customers in the new eCommerce landscape can be a minefield — the margin between a satisfied or disappointed customer can be wafer thin. We understand the pain points of eCommerce customer service and have dedicated our time to delivering solutions tailored to solve them. Check out some of our specific use cases —

eCommerce - Issues with delivery

Issues with delivery

We’re all busy, and we know deliveries can be problematic — even damaging to your brand. The solutions are easy, but time-intensive. Harness the power of outsourced agents today, and let them handle those routine but time-consuming logistics service requests. Allowing you to focus on your business, without leaving your customers in the lurch.

Issues with delivary Graphic
Faulty Discount code Graphic
eCommerce - Faulty discount code

Faulty discount code

Free yourself from front line technical support like faulty QR codes, or improper discount code inputs. Outsource issues like these to our distributed agents and focus on the issues that demand your attention — growing your business, expanding into new territories, or releasing a new line of products.

eCommerce - Site crashes_bugs

Site crashes/bugs

When business is booming, your site feels the strain, particularly at busy times of the year. This can lead to issues and tickets arising that only add to the problem. They shouldn't dominate your customer service function, but they can if you’re not prepared. Our agents take away the pain of dealing with everyday issues through front-line support methods — leaving you to tackle the bigger issues when they arise.

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Payment Problem Graphic
eCommerce - Payment problems

Payment problems

When website traffic is high, payments can crash and customers might abandon their baskets. Sometimes this is completely unavoidable, and surprisingly common. Our agents are trained to handle any payment transactions over the phone. So when your customers are struggling, we are helping.

eCommerce support tickets across any channel

Whatever channel your customers prefer, you need the capacity to deliver. With our omnichannel capability, we can give you the freedom to handpick and design your channel strategy, deliver exceptional customer service, and save the pennies along the way.



Our agents are trained, selected and distributed to become an extension of your brand. So you can rest easy knowing your customers have access to the highest-quality agent-led resolutions.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat customer service connects your customers with knowledgeable, industry-leading agents for resolutions that are quick, snappy and effective.



Detailed longer requests are common in eCommerce. Our agents are specifically trained to emulate the tone of your business, and write tailored, informative emails that’ll make your customers smile.



Customers use socials for everything — even shopping! So harnessing the power of social platforms is one way to deliver helpful and efficient customer service in ways accessible to your customers.



Reviews build brand trust. Don’t shy away! At Odondo, we can effectively manage the response and resolution side of reviews. Shaping the outward brand image you want through real customer experiences.

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