Social Media Customer Support

Odondo provides outsourced, omnichannel customer support services. Delivering solutions to businesses across a range of social media networks, we supply and manage high-quality agents to match your customer service needs. And we do it all at a low cost.

Our distributed customer service model gives you access to a vast talent pool of agents, while our agile scalability lets you dial up or down these agents based on your customer demand. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or through trusted phone support, our agents give your customers the support they need, so you can get on with growing your business.

Social Media Customer Support
Agile Support Services

Agile Support Services

Our agile support service enables you to scale agent resource up and down based on seasonal variability and sudden changes in demand. And our experienced agents support your customers with any queries they have, across multiple channels, so you can get on with building your business.

How We Can Help

We know that your customer service function is the public face of your business when customers have issues or questions. On social media, the public nature of customer support is only heightened. Unlike the privacy of a phone, email or live chat support, social media support is there for all to see. And it’s becoming the norm, with 40% of holiday shoppers more likely to consider buying from a brand they can message on social media. For a modern business, helpful, friendly — and quick — social media customer support is crucial.

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Example Use Cases

Meeting customers where they are

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Some people use Facebook. Others prefer Twitter or Instagram. Customers don’t move to your preferred social media platform; they stick to theirs when they contact you. So you need to not just be there, but be ready to respond with the right information, in a timely way.

Odondo gives you the ability to design your channel strategy, and our agents are trained not only to use the social channels your business uses, but respond to your customers through these channels quickly — so they get the best experience possible.

Brand representations

Brand Representation — In Public

The internet helped make customer queries and reviews public. Social media is taking that a step further. Customers bring their issues and queries to social media for all to see — and for all to join in with. Get this wrong, and the impact isn’t limited to one private message, but to every social media user.

Our high-quality agents are not just quickly trained to know your business inside out, representing your brand online with expertise, they’re also trained in your brand’s tone and style. Keep a consistent brand voice and be confident that you can satisfy customer queries publicly.

Connecting directly with customers

Connecting Directly With Customers 

Social media is about connecting with people. This means businesses as well as friends. Brands know this: many use social media as business pages in their own right. This isn’t just about reacting to customer comments, it’s also about interacting through replies and responses.

Whether a customer has a negative comment, mentions your brand, or just wants to engage with your business, our agents are trained and ready, through whichever channel you want, to engage and respond — all trained to interact in line with your brand’s tone of voice.

247 availability

24/7 availability

Just as customers want to contact you through their choice of social media channel, they also contact you when they want. Social media doesn’t sleep, and neither should your business.

Our outsourced, distributed customer service model means you don’t have to pay to keep in-house agents awake all night — we’ve got it covered. We have agents ready round the clock, so that late night or early morning customer query doesn’t get missed.

Quick response

Quick Response

59% of brands reply to Tweets within 15 minutes. Social media is about a sense of immediacy. We expect a quicker response to a tweet or a Facebook message than we do to an email. To provide the best customer support, you want to make sure your business is within that 59%. 

With a scalable model, you can get the right agents at the right time — and the right amount of them. You don’t need to over-provision, and pay for the privilege, during quieter times. But during busier times, you need to scale up so you can meet customer demand — and with a quick response time.

Customer care icon

Customer Care

Yes, social media support is a new way to provide customer support — but the queries and the support are just the same. People want answers to queries and solutions to issues.

From discounts and delivery queries to payment problems or complaints handling, our outsourced customer service model enables you to answer questions any time of the day or night. And our diverse talent pool of agents means that the agents you choose know how to support customers, solve their issues and provide a great customer experience.

What This Means for Your Business

Whatever channel your customers prefer, you need the capacity to deliver. With our omnichannel capability, we can give you the freedom to handpick and design your channel strategy, deliver exceptional customer service, and save the pennies along the way.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect you to meet them where they are. But they don’t want you to just simply be there — they expect you to be able to solve their issues and answer their questions. In short, they expect high quality customer support.

Providing this on social media is crucial. Not only do you help solve a specific customer’s issue, you’re also doing so publicly. Outside of private chats, on social media, a satisfied customer is a publicly satisfied customer.

With well-trained, scalable social media support agents, you meet demand, responding to customers quickly, with the right information, and in line with your brand’s style.

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Today, almost everyone has social media. So if a customer has a question, often it’s easier for them to fire off a tweet or start a Facebook Messenger conversation than pick up the phone. And during a peak season, or a particularly busy time, the number of tweets or messages can quickly get overwhelming.

With Odondo’s outsourced, scalable customer service model, you can quickly scale up to meet demand and capacity. And as the peak passes, you can easily scale back. Our agents can be deployed rapidly, and trained to know your business as good as any employee in no time.

With scalability, don’t pay for over-provision, and don’t pay the price of not being able to meet customer demand.

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Do you need support in managing your social media channels?

Social media can be tricky to keep on top of. Our outsourced pay-to-use model allows you to tailor a customer service solution to meet your business’s needs, and customers engaged.