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Odondo is an outsourced customer support service provider. We deliver a range of solutions to a range of businesses, providing high-quality agents for whatever you need, from phone support to customer onboarding services.

Our distributed and outsourced model offers businesses access to agents through our scalable model — so you can get the agents you need when you need them, all at a low cost.

Customer Onboarding
Agile Support Services

Agile Support Services

Our agile support service enables you to scale agent resource up and down based on seasonal variability and sudden changes in demand. And our experienced agents support your customers with any queries they have, across multiple channels, so you can get on with building your business.

How We Can Help

Customer onboarding is the start of your business’s relationship with your customer, so it needs to go well. For them, this means a smooth process, but for your business, it means checks and verifications. Unverified customers can cause financial and reputational harm to your business. But knowing your customer is not just about avoiding damage to your business; it’s also about providing them with a service tailored to their needs. Odondo’s agents provide both services: thorough verification and high-quality customer service.

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Example Use Cases

Identity verification

Identity Verification

Whether you’re a financial services provider and need to conduct know your customer (KYC) checks, or simply trying to profile your customers to better serve them, ID verification is crucial. But this can be a long, time-consuming process both for your business to undertake in-house — and can get tiresome and repetitive for your customers. 

Odondo’s agents can work round the clock, ensuring you get thorough, accurate ID checks completed and delivered to you. We deal with compliance so you can do what you do best: working for your customers.

Account setup

Account Setup

After verifying their identity, you need to get their account set up.  Customers expect all their data to be input automatically. They don’t want to spend time entering all the information they’ve provided you with for verification. Often, this means inputting onboarding information manually.

You want to ensure your accounts are secure, but you also don’t want to push customers away with a tiresome onboarding process. Odondo’s high-quality agents take care of this for you, and ensure that accounts are set up quickly, with the right information, according to your business’ guidelines.



From issues in setting up accounts to trouble uploading documents for ID verification, a stop-start or sub-standard onboarding process can lead to dissatisfied customers. You don’t want your customer relationship to end just as it’s beginning.

Odondo’s agents are trained to solve problems as they arise, as they’re trained to troubleshoot common and business-specific onboarding issues. Our diverse talent pool of agents means we can provide agents with industry-specific experience, enhancing their ability to deal with common issues.

Registration checks

Registration Checks

Verification doesn’t always require deep background checks. Sometimes, you need to check customers’ certifications and registration requirements, such as vehicle license registrations for rental or car-sharing agencies. This can be an equally important part of the process.

Digging through this documentation in a way that’s efficient, secure and easy on the customer isn’t easy. And during busier times of year, you might need to conduct more checks than usual. Odondo’s scalable model lets you bring in more agents during busier times, and scale down as it gets quieter — and you only pay for what you use.

Address verification

Address Verification

You need to check that people are who they say they are, but sometimes you also need to check they are where they say they are from. This means verifying data through a range of records, from the electoral roll to credit reference records.

Like ID verification, these tasks can be tedious and frustrating for both you and the customers you’re onboarding. Odondo’s agents are trained in your processes and also trained to efficiently sift through records to ensure customers are verified swiftly.

Managing documents

Managing Documents

Onboarding processes often require customers to upload documents. Handling sensitive information means they need to be stored securely and in a way that’s GDPR-compliant. Not only this, but the process for uploading needs to be easy for the customer. 

Our agents manage customer documents and information according to your safety and security processes, so documentation is stored in the way you want it. That way, your customers don’t feel frustrated by the process, and your business is complying with all regulations, so you don’t run any risks while successfully onboarding customers.

What This Means for Your Business

Whatever channel your customers prefer, you need the capacity to deliver. With our omnichannel capability, we can give you the freedom to handpick and design your channel strategy, deliver exceptional customer service, and save the pennies along the way.

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During the busiest times of year, handling an influx of customers who are ready to be onboarded can be challenging.  After all, more customers means a greater need for customer support.

But you don’t have to overprovision agents all year round to create a successful customer onboarding experience. With Odondo, you can scale up or down depending on the demands of your business.

Odondo’s outsourced, scalable model means you can create a safe, secure and quick customer onboarding process, whether demand has unexpectedly grown or you’re experiencing a quieter period.

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Low Costs

You’re already spending a lot of money on running a business. But spending to keep a customer or client onboarding team in-house year-round isn’t necessary.

That’s why Odondo offers a pay-as-you-use model. Rather than locking you into long-term contracts that aren’t aligned with your demand, with Odondo you only pay for what you use.

With Odondo’s outsourced, scalable model, you won’t pay a penny for unused extra capacity, over-invest unnecessarily or over-commit. This means lower costs alongside an enhanced customer experience.

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Finding it difficult to keep up with the demand?

Onboarding new customers can be taxing. Our outsourced pay-to-use model can help support some of the more time-consuming tasks that are necessary for a smooth customer onboarding.