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Odondo provides outsourced, omnichannel customer support services. We deliver solutions to businesses across a range of industries, including frontline technical support, by supplying and managing experienced agents to match their customer service needs. And we do it all at a low cost.

Our agile support service enables you to scale agent resource up and down based on seasonal variability and sudden changes in demand. And our experienced agents support your customers with any queries they have, across multiple channels, so you can get on with building your business.

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Agile Support Services

Agile Support Services

Our agile support service enables you to scale agent resource up and down based on seasonal variability and sudden changes in demand. And our experienced agents support your customers with any queries they have, across multiple channels, so you can get on with building your business.

How We Can Help

Your product is your brand. Whether you’re running a website, software or an app, if customers have a problem using it, that’s a problem for you too. And if your technical or product support isn’t of the highest quality, your customers will also see this as a reflection of your business. So speaking to the right person with the right information at the right time is crucial to resolve issues — and provide good customer experiences.

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Example Use Cases

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Customer Queries

Customer queries come in all shapes and sizes. Customers might be new to your product and need help using it for the first time. Or your service might have had an update and long-standing customers aren’t sure how to navigate it.

Whatever the query is, from payment to practical how-to questions, Odondo’s agents are trained to understand all elements of your business so they’re ready to answer any questions your customers might have. We even match agents to your business based on their experience, so your customer service function is as knowledgeable as one of your own employees.

Working across multiple channels

Working Across Multiple Channels

Phone support isn’t going anywhere. But the ways customers interact with your business is expanding. Customers want to be able to contact your business through live chat, email and social media too. So you need to be able to respond quickly — and provide the solution.

Whether customers want a quick answer through a live chat message exchange or more detailed information through email, our distributed customer service model means our agents are available to support your customers 24/7. And our experienced, well-trained agents can provide customers with the information they need — no matter when, how, or where they’re contacted.

Technical issues

Technical Issues 

We all know how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work. Technical issues, if left unresolved, can exasperate customers. So it’s important that your customer service function doesn’t just deal with the issue, but with how the customer feels, too.

Our agents are trained to understand your product and deal with common technical issues. They’re also experienced and trained in dealing with frustrated customers in calm, personalised ways — helping turn aggravated customers into satisfied ones.

Brand representations

Brand Representation

Your customer service is the face and voice of your business. If your customer service agents give a bad impression, that means a bad impression of your business. But if a customer has a good experience, it leaves them satisfied, which can lead to a loyal customer.

Our agents are trained to represent the business the way you want to be represented — dealing with issues in the right way, in your chosen tone, and adhering to company policies. Through whichever channel your customers contact our agents, they get the same consistent, calm and helpful support. 

247 availability

24/7 Availability

Your product or service doesn’t sleep, so neither should your customer service function. We all know how irritating it is when something isn’t working outside of the business’s customer service hours.

Our outsourced approach provides access to a diverse talent pool of agents — any time of the day or night. Whether it’s a phone conversation or a message over a live chat, our agents are ready 24/7.

Front-line Support

Frontline Support

As your primary point of contact, frontline support teams see the highest number of queries — and the highest variabilities in volume. 

Not only are our agents trained to deal with the pressure and volume of calls in a calm, personalised way, they’re also there as and when you need them. Your business doesn’t see the same volume year-round, so your customer service function shouldn’t over-provision. We enable simple scalability, so your frontline support is there when you need it — and not costing you unnecessarily when you don’t.

What This Means for Your Business

Whatever channel your customers prefer, you need the capacity to deliver. With our omnichannel capability, we can give you the freedom to handpick and design your channel strategy, deliver exceptional customer service, and save the pennies along the way.

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Simple Scalability

Sometimes, when it rains it pours. So you need to be able to scale up when there’s a problem — easily. And once that subsides, you need to be able to scale down again, just as easily. Odondo lets you do this, quickly, easily and at a low cost. 

Odondo agents work with in-house CS teams to scale easily, rather than going through a drawn out hiring process. This means you can scale simply and easily, while only paying for what you use.

Outsourcing your customer service shouldn’t be all-or-nothing. Our agents integrate themselves within your in-house operation, as additional support, working seamlessly as part of your team.

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Loyal Customers

As the contact point of your business, website or software, your agents are your brand. If that interaction is good, then the interaction with your business is good too.

But it’s about more than tone of voice. It’s about helping provide the right solutions. This means understanding your business and knowing how to solve common technical issues.

By being able to meet capacity during busier times with our scalable model, customers are contacted quickly. And having their issue resolved satisfactorily by a knowledgeable, personable agent, customer satisfaction and loyalty increases — which is the foundation of any growing business.

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Interested in helpdesk support services?

When demand is high, a reliable customer support network can mean the difference between a frustrated customer and a happy one. Our outsourced pay-to-use model allows you to tailor a customer service solution to meet your business’s needs, and customers happy.