Secure and trustworthy customer support for Financial Services

When issues arise in Financial Services, your customers are looking for resolutions that are speedy, supportive and sensitive. With Odondo’s scalable customer service solution, you can ensure your customers receive personalised, trustworthy solutions that reassure them and resolve their queries swiftly and securely, every time.

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On-demand customer service that frees up specialist teams

It’s crucial that Financial Services customer support functions offer supportive, informative and intelligent resolutions to your customers in a timely fashion, so they can stop worrying, and so can you. Odondo’s tailorable customer service plan allows you to do just that, without compromising on quality.


Create flexible solutions for you

You cannot always predict your busiest times, but you can always be prepared. With Odondo, you can scale your capacity up or down to match demand. This ensures you only ever pay for what you actually use, rather than committing to massive overheads — saving you money without compromising on delivery.


Free up your specialists

Despite Financial Services becoming more and more digitised, people prefer picking up the phone to self-serve solutions. Simpler customer service requests around log in, passwords etc. can still clog up your support lines. By using our agents for simple requests, your specialists can be reserved for technical requests — boosting customer satisfaction all-round.


Meet seasonal demand

Commiting to salaries, infrastructure and large overheads to meet seasonal demand one month, to no longer need it the next month is inefficient. With Odondo, it’s entirely avoidable. We tailor customer service solutions so you can design a function that meets your demand year-round without the huge investment.

High Quality

Access to high-quality industry experience

You cannot compromise on quality when it comes to your customers’ finances. That’s why we hand select agents who are seasoned support specialists that deliver speedy yet empathetic resolutions. Our agents are trained to deliver resolutions that are not only useful but handled with a supportive, patient and proactive attitude.

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Trustworthy customer service, designed around Financial Services

The financial services industry is sensitive, and so financial customer service must be too. Our tailored customer service solutions can meet the requirements of businesses in Financial Services — from pensions, to insurance to banking. Whatever the specific use, our agents are well-equipped to resolve your customer service requirements.

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Manage Daily and Seasonal Peaks

Customer support demand fluctuates day-by-day, month-by-month — but your team has to meet that demand or risk poor customer experiences. Odondo’s tailorable solution provides steady year-round support and scalable support options so your customers' problems are solved, no matter the query, no matter how busy.

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Frontline administrative support

Customers often turn to phone support even for the simplest of issues — password changes, portal log in or email changes. Without overflow support designed to handle requests like these, your specialist support agents can easily become overwhelmed with queries that distract them from the more complex issues that really need them.


Process applications faster

All our agents possess a solid understanding of regulatory requirements relevant to the Financial Services industry — they’re selected and trained to deliver requests like application processing in a professional and appropriate way. So you can rest easy knowing your new customers are being onboarded in a secure and compliant way.

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Financial services support tickets across any channel

Flexible deployment of financial customer service is what will set you apart from your competitors — your customers already expect to be able to reach you across many channels, so you need to offer support across all of them. With Odondo you can pick and choose which channels require support to build your solution, and tweak this selection as and when you want to reflect demand. Ensuring your customers are happy, always.



Phone support can be the preferred choice of some of your customers when it comes to Financial Services. Our agents are specially trained to deliver customer service that aligns with your company values, every phone call.

Live Chat

Live Chat

For quick, snappy requests or queries, be sure to offer your customers the option of live chat. This channel allows you to offer speedy resolutions that actually help your customers.



With email, your customers can receive lengthy support, with a paper trail. Our agents can emulate your company tone whilst delivering effective customer support via email.



As the FinTech revolution continues, Financial Services needs to be present on a range of channels. Offering support through socials allows you to reach a whole other demographic of customers, ensuring everyone feels heard.



Social proof is vital in Financial Services, you need them to trust you. Testimonial evidence via website reviews and agent responses are vital to curating a brand that is trusted by customers and recommended to others.

Flexible customer service for Financial Services

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