Choose scalable customer service solutions for better outcomes.

Effective, rapid and sensitive — values that will revolutionise your health and beauty care customer service offering. At Odondo, our specialist, distributed network of agents are just that. They will transform your customer service offering through scalable, omnichannel support that cares for your clients, always.

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Deliver valuable, tailorable support to every client, every time.

We know you care about your clients, and we do too. That’s why we’ve built a customer service solution that’s designed to suit your individual requirements, so that together we can ensure better client outcomes. Organise your customers’ experiences around prioritising customer care.

Patient Support

Agents to transform 1:1 client support:

 Our distributed agents are hand selected to deliver the highest quality service to your customers. They are an extension of your brand and a friendly face to your customers at a time when they need it most. Patience and empathy are just some of the skills our agents specialise in.


Scale in unprecedented times:

You can’t always predict when you’re going to be busiest — but with us you can always be prepared. Our scalable solution allows you to increase or decrease your customer service capacity to match fluctuating demand — saving you time and money.


Ensure privacy and compliance:

We understand that client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to you, as it is to us too. Our agents are chosen to deliver knowledgeable, productive advice in a supportive manner, so neither you or your clients have to worry about a thing.

Eradicate overheads

Remove expensive overheads:

Our pay-as-you-use model means you can tailor a customer service solution to your specific requirements. You’re not held down by salaries, infrastructure or equipment like you would be with an in-house team. You choose what you want, when you want it, and no more.

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Flexible customer service, built for health and beauty

In healthcare, you have to expect the unexpected — and this goes for customer service too. From basic transactional to complex administrative queries, our agents are especially trained to respond and resolve all your customer requests, securely and swiftly, every time. Take a look at some of our industry-specific use cases —

Changing personal information

Update personal information

Our distributed network of agents can integrate with your brand to deliver swift resolutions to any and all administrative queries your clients and customers might have. Whether that be updating their personal information or reorganising delivery times.

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Transactional troubles Image
eCommerce - Payment problems

Transactional troubles

Payments should be quick and easy to process, and not cause lengthy call queues. We can provide the agents you need to make payments more seamless for your customers. Making their experience as effective as possible. We will champion your brand from behind the scenes so that patients can focus on getting what they want, and you can focus on helping them do that.

Appointment administration

Appointment queries

Whether it’s accommodating an appointment alteration, sending location reminders or booking one in the first instance — our agents have you covered. Trained to emulate your brand and deliver empathetic, sensitive customer service, we can support your brand through scalable, omnichannel customer service that puts your clients and customers first, every time.

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Online access to portals Image
Online access to portals

Online access to portals

A portal platform is a great way to give your clients and customers autonomy over their journey. This only works if they can independently access their information seamlessly. Passwords and login details are a part of this. Our agents are trained to provide quick, practical advice to help with administrative issues such as these, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Any channel, anywhere, anytime. We’ve got your clients and customers covered.

Now more than ever, your customers will expect a range of support channels — however they want to contact you, you need to be available. Our pay-as-you-use solution lets you select which channels your customers want, so you can build a solution to suit you.



The phone is often a client’s preferred mode of contact, so is also often the busiest. Leverage our network of agents to deliver great customer service while unclogging your phone lines.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Sometimes customers just need simple answers quickly — not War and Peace. Enter live chat. This channel enables them to get access to the information they need, fast.



When it comes to more complex queries, a paper trail is often desirable for customers to keep track. So you can’t ignore email support! Our agents are trained to emulate your tone, provide informed advice and resolve issues.



Customer service is no stranger to social media, neither is the health and beauty industry. You need the capacity to provide fast support across all socials if your customers want it. Enter Odondo.



Client testimony means a lot, so your reviews do too. Our solution allows you to swiftly resolve customer queries through your site, so when prospective clients are browsing, they know you truly care.

Flexible customer service for Health & Beauty companies.

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