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Delight your customers, while keeping your costs low.

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Why Odondo?

Our distributed customer service agent model gives you access to agents with more experience, industry-specific backgrounds and higher levels of education — on-demand. You get to meet the needs of your customers while keeping costs down.

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Higher quality agents

More experienced customer service agents often prefer to work from home. Get access to this talent pool with our distributed model.

We select agents with relevant industry experience and train them to understand the specifics of your brand. 

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On-demand flexibility

Traditional customer service (both in-house and outsourced) struggles to match agent resources with fluctuating customer demand.

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model makes it easy to scale your team up and down to match demand whenever you need to.

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Better customer experiences

When your customers contact your service team, they want quick, helpful solutions to their problems and queries.

Higher quality agents that scale with demand means faster response times and creates a positive experience for your customers.

Traditional contact centre vs Odondo

Traditional contact centre

diagram of traditional contact centre's ability to cope with demand

Traditional outsourced customer support is static. At peak-times, your customers are left hanging for longer. That means poor service, missed opportunities, and a damaged brand. At off-peak, it wastes budget.


diagram of Odondo's customer service model and its ability to cope with demand

Odondo matches your customer demands — day-by-day and year-by-year. On-demand scalability keeps customers happy and our pay-as-you-use model removes waste.

Traditional agents vs Odondo agents

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Traditional agents

Agents at traditional contact centres are often limited by legacy systems, processes and the culture of the outsourcer. This reduces their ability to create the tailored experiences that clients want.

Talent limitations: The traditional contact centre is limited to the talent pool located in its physical vicinity, meaning the people who are engaging with your customers may or may not be the best fit to do so.

One-size-fits-all: Traditional contact centre agents are trained to work to the outsourcer's standard approach that may or may not match what your customers need or want.

Static team sizes: Traditional outsourced customer service teams are limited by the infrastructure surrounding them. They often can’t scale any better than an in-house team.

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Odondo agents

Our distributed model attracts the best agents from across the UK, which allows us to find the right people for our clients every time.

Diverse backgrounds: Since our agents work from home, we have the ability to hire qualified people who wouldn’t traditionally work in a call centre: retirees, stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities.

Industry-specific experience: Our agents have industry-specific backgrounds and are chosen to work with your customers on this basis.

Brand and campaign-specific training: Once we’ve selected the agents best suited to your campaign, we train them with the specific information they’ll need to personalise the experience for your customer.

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