Outsourcing vs In-house Customer Service

Enhance your in-house customer service with outsourced support

Odondo’s outsourced agents can work alongside existing customer service teams. Scale your ability to support customers without losing quality.

Outsource to experienced UK-based agents with skills that align with your business.

Trusted by customers across a wide range of industries

Here’s what they have to say

Group 1025

Relying on just your in-house teams can be costly & difficult to scale

Customers demand only the best. Your product provides that. But your customer service — the face of your business when customers have questions — needs to provide that too. Aligning the right agents to your business is crucial. Speaking to the right person with the right information at the right time can be the difference.

Group 1025

Meet changes in demand & keep your budget in check

Group 1042

In-house (only)

  • Static resource
  • Customers left hanging at peak times
  • Level of service fluctuates with demand
  • Missed opportunities
  • Wasted budget
  • Brand image suffers
Group 1044 (1)

Odondo (outsourcing)

  • Flexible on-demand resource
  • Lower average handling times
  • Overall better level of service
  • More satisfied customers
  • You only pay for the resource you use
  • Stronger brand

Save 15% in costs when you outsource with us

See how our costs compare to hiring in-house:


(Avg Agent Per Month)




Payroll taxes & pensions

Office space

Hardware & software


Holiday cover & absenteeism

In-house costs

(Per Month)










(Outsourcing costs)





£0 (Remote Agents)



£0 (flexible agent resource)

Note: The costs above are based on an agent working 170 hours a month (Mon-Fri, 9 to 5) - with Odondo agent charged at an hourly rate of £18/hr

<- In-house
Odondo ->
£3,557 Total £3,557
£125 Recruitment Included
£2000 Salary Included
£215 Payroll taxes & pensions Included
£400 Office space £0 (Remote Agents)
£167 Hardware & software Included
£350 Management Included
£300 Holiday cover & absenteeism £0 (flexible agent resource)

Why choose Odondo?

Rectangle 320 (1)

On-demand scalability

Get on-demand flexibility. Scale your CS function up when you’re busy, and back when you’re not.

on demand outsourcing

Pay for what you use

No fixed-term contracts gives you more control over your budget. Never pay for spare capacity again.

campaign specific

Best-fit agents

Access a wider talent pool of experienced UK-based agents. Plus, WFH flexibility means lower overheads for us and lower rates for you.

New agents

Rapid deployment

Have agents trained, set up and serving your customers in as little as 48 hours. Always meet demand.

Rectangle 320 (1)
Outsourcing with Odondo comparison
Odondo (outsourcing)
Scale agent resource up and down to always match variable demand
Only pay for the agent resource you use (no fixed term contracts)
Always ensure fast response times
Access well-educated, industry-specific agents from across the UK
Deploy experienced agents in as little as 48 hours
24/7/365 multi-channel support from remote agents (no office overheads)
Strategic insights from a seasoned customer support partner

Move at a pace that suits you

Rectangle 320 (2)
Group 844


Join us on a call and we’ll work with you to establish your: ideal agent profile, hours, channels, tools, support type, reporting, KPIs and SLAs. Then, we’ll go away and recruit a bespoke team of agents.

Group 857

Go Live

First, agents are trained and set up with what they need. Once live, you can monitor performance and scale resources up or down.

Group 856


Ongoing QA is carried out by our team leaders, whilst our analysts keep them updated with real-time data. 

Group 855

Meetings & Feedback

Get day-to-day, weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins with specific members of our team. Also, get full 24/7 access to our team when you need it.

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What happens next?

Group 540
performance (1)

All subsequent recruitment, training, management and QA of outsourced agents is done on your behalf.

performance (2)

Join us for regular weekly check-ins to discuss performance, KPIs, strategy and more (or review them in your own time from Odondo’s Client Portal).

performance (3)

Scale your outsourced customer service team up and down anytime by reaching out to your account manager.

performance (4)

Plus, feel free to get in touch with us anytime 24/7.

Group 540

What customers say about Odondo

Frame 153

“We are so glad this new project went well — there were so many unknowns and we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without Odondo.”

Read the story

Group 869

Giulia Tolentino

Customer Service Specialist


“All of the agents provided by Odondo are well-liked and trusted by our customers and us. They have supported us greatly.”

Read the story

Group 869

Nicki Dadic

Head of Customer & Community

Group (1)

“Their commitment to learning our brand has been on point. But their ability to flexibly scale to match demand really set them apart.”

Read the story

Group 869

Tom Evans

Head of Customer Service and Contact Centre

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Odondo’s agents are experienced at working flexibly alongside our clients’ in-house teams in a range of sectors. 


We act as a seamless extension of your team, providing you with the additional capacity you need, when you need it.


But don’t just take our word for it — read our Arbor Education case study to see what our clients think.

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