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Odondo provides outsourced customer support services. Delivering varied solutions to a range of businesses, we supply agents to match whatever you need: from content moderation to phone and omnichannel support.

Our distributed customer service model gives businesses access to a range of talented agents, with easy scalability so you can get as many agents as you need, whenever you need them. 

Whether you need forum moderation, social media services or traditional phone support, Odondo provides it with flexibility and to a high standard — all at a low cost.

Content moderation
Agile Support Services

Agile Support Services

Our agile support service enables you to scale agent resource up and down based on seasonal variability and sudden changes in demand. And our experienced agents support your customers with any queries they have, across multiple channels, so you can get on with building your business.

How We Can Help

Online forums or groups with user-generated content are a good way to build a community around your product. But this content needs to be moderated. It’s happening on your websites and reflecting your brand. Content needs to be relevant, appropriate and safe. From deleting content and locking user accounts, Odondo’s dedicated agents moderate content quickly, effectively, and according to your brand’s guidelines.

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Example Use Cases

Editing content

Editing Content 

Everything that’s on your group or forum, especially when hosted on your website, is your responsibility. So you need to make sure that whatever’s posted is, first, accurate, and second, appropriate.

Odondo’s high-quality agents are trained to quickly understand your content editing guidelines, editing content quickly and effectively. This means removing inappropriate language, such as rude language or personal information, or inaccurate information. It can even mean interacting with users to set the record straight or provide answers — all in your brand’s tone and style.

Managing accounts

Managing Accounts

Sometimes when there’s a disagreement online, people can be rude. Alongside potential inappropriate language, there may also be spam or users who break the rules once — only to break them again.

When editing content isn’t enough, you’ll need to manage users’ accounts. According to your guidelines, our agents will swiftly deal with accounts that break the rules. This can range from warning users about their content via direct messages, to deactivating user accounts. Our 24/7 support means that you don’t have to wait while inappropriate content or accounts remain active — we deal with it swiftly.

Brand representations

Brand Representation

Just like a customer service function is the face of your business when customers have questions, moderators are the voice of your business within online communities. This can mean interacting in a friendly, on-brand way, or setting the record straight if false information is spreading.

The community creating user-generated content within a group or forum reflects your brand — but our agents represent it. Our agents are quickly trained, according to your moderation rules, on how and when to engage with users within forums, from offering hints and tips on your product or service to making sure the online community feels safe.

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Dedicated Support

Forum moderation may seem like a straightforward task: editing content or shutting down user accounts. But there are a lot of guidelines to follow to keep the environment safe, and often vast amounts of content to parse through. Without dedicated agents working just for your business, inappropriate content might slip through the cracks.

Odondo’s agents are aligned to one client at any time, meaning they’re dedicated to moderating your forum’s content — and your forum’s content only. We select agents specifically for your business, with our distributed customer service model often meaning that they’ve had experience in your industry.



You might have set up a forum or online community some time ago and now need to review every thread and comment. On the other hand, you might have just set one up and know you need moderators. With too few agents, communities can become overrun and messy, and with too many, you’re spending money unnecessarily.

Odondo’s flexible support means you can scale up and down to as many or as few moderators as you need. You can scale up to clear a backlog of tasks, and just as easily scale down to a team that can progressively monitor the content in your forums.

Thread management

Thread Management

Your product or service may be easy to use and works how people want it to. Your forum should be organised and easy to use too. Users want to ask questions, get answers and interact. They don’t want to deal with the admin of managing threads.

Odondo’s agents can do it for you. Our agents can ‘lock’ threads according to your guidelines, close or achieve solved threads and reply to comments on long-standing unresolved threads. Our agents keep your forum working and organised like a well-oiled machine, just like your business.

What This Means for Your Business

Whatever channel your customers prefer, you need the capacity to deliver. With our omnichannel capability, we can give you the freedom to handpick and design your channel strategy, deliver exceptional customer service, and save the pennies along the way.

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Scalable Support

Just like how demand changes throughout the year, the amount of content moderation you need changes too. You might’ve released a new product, service or update, and your forum or community needs more moderation. Or maybe your forums are all up to date.

Our agents are trained quickly and deployed just as quickly, so they can moderate rapidly and efficiently.

And with Odondo’s scalable support, there’s no need to over-provision agents, which means there’s no need to pay unnecessary costs. When it gets busy or you have a backlog to cut down, you can scale up again.

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Extra Capacity

Your employees have lots of things to be working on — namely, growing your business. So they need as much capacity as they can get.

Odondo’s outsourced high-quality agents, drawn from a diverse talent pool, means you don’t have to move your in-house resource away from what they’re working on and towards content moderation.

Odondo’s agents can also work alongside your in-house capacity as bolt-on support, removing a drawn-out hiring process. While our agents get on with moderating, your capacity is freed up to do what you do best: grow your business.

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Are you spending too much time reviewing and editing content?

Don't let moderation dominate your workload. Our outsourced pay-to-use model allows you to tailor an outsourced solution to meet your business’s needs, and on top of your content.