Meet your excess customer demand with our flexible UK agents

Whether you have limited in-house resources, failing offshore operations, fluctuating demand or all the above – we can help.

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Fast, scalable support
for your in-house teams

Biting the bullet and outsourcing might feel like a big step.

You may have concerns over how long it takes to get set up, how much it costs, and the impact on your level of service.

But with the right outsourcing partner, you can actually lower your overall costs, increase customer satisfaction and always meet demand – all while easing the strain on your in-house teams.

Flexible, on-demand outsourcing

There’s a new way to enhance your customer service support.
Get fast access to best-fit agents with skills that align with your needs.

Pay-as-you-use pricing

Customer query volumes are never consistent. Dial resources up or down to match them to customer demand. Never pay for more than you need or struggle to match capacity.

Recruited & trained

Agents are recruited and trained on your behalf. You specify your criteria and we do the rest. Take the strain off your in-house teams, and watch customer satisfaction and in-house agent morale improve.

Experienced agents

Best-fit agents don’t necessarily live near your in-house operations. Expand your talent pool across the UK. Access better educated agents with more experience and flexibility. 

Unrestrained capacity

Business growth shouldn't be restrained by contact centre capacity.
Deliver great customer experiences at scale with a trusted outsource partner.

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Traditional customer service models are broken

Group 574

of customers say they share bad experiences with other outsourcing partners

Group 573

of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience

Group 572

of customers have stopped buying from a brand because of a bad customer service experience

Group 571

of customers are likely to recommend a company after a positive customer experience

Traditional customer service models are broken

Outsourced customer service tailored to you

Not all customer service outsource partners are the same.
At Odondo, get 24/7 on-demand access to the best-fit agents for your business.
Plus there are no fixed or hidden costs.

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Lower cost

Outsourcing to remote agents gives you fast, flexible resources at a lower price.

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New agents onboarded in as little as 48h

Get fast access to best-fit agents when you need them. And leave recruitment and training to us.

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Performance at a glance

Monitor campaigns through Odondo’s Client Portal – making it easy for you and your teams to stay on top of things.

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Highly scalable

Unlike in-house operations, you’re not restricted by physical infrastructure. Achieve faster, more cost-effective scalability.

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Access a wider pool of UK talent

Access a rich talent pool of motivated agents unrestricted by geographic location.

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Campaign specific agents

Agents are matched to your campaign profiles based on skill set, experience and language skills.

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On-demand outsourcing

Quickly dial your third-party resource up and down as demand changes.

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Traditional customer service models are broken

Learn how to fix them with a new approach that lets your business cope with changing demand. Reduce customer frustration and remain agile during peaks and troughs.

What customers say about Odondo

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“We are so glad this new project went well — there were so many unknowns and we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without Odondo.”

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Group 869

Giulia Tolentino

Customer Service Specialist


“All of the agents provided by Odondo are well-liked and trusted by our customers and us. They have supported us greatly.”

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Group 869

Nicki Dadic

Head of Customer & Community

Group (1)

“Their commitment to learning our brand has been on point. But their ability to flexibly scale to match demand really set them apart.”

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Group 869

Tom Evans

Head of Customer Service and Contact Centre

How Odondo works

It’s a simple process that can move as fast as you need.

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Join us on a call and we’ll work with you to establish your: ideal agent profile, hours, channels, tools, support type, reporting, KPIs and SLAs. Then, we’ll go away and recruit a bespoke team of agents.

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Go Live

First, agents are trained and set up with what they need. Once live, you can monitor performance and scale resources up or down.

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Ongoing QA is carried out by our team leaders, whilst our analysts keep them updated with real-time data. 

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Meetings & Feedback

Get day-to-day, weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins with specific members of our team. Also, get full 24/7 access to our team when you need it.

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Get started in days & only pay for what you use

Book a 30-min call with our team to find out more.

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