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6 Pillars of a Great Customer Experience Strategy

You know customer experience is a crucial part of customer retention. Yet you might not know how to do it in a way that differentiates…

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What is the Best Customer Service Model in 2021?

Your Guide to Customer Satisfaction Operating a successful business requires awareness of customers and their needs. Customer service tools can range from self-help options to…

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Unique Customer Service Issues in eCommerce: Do eCommerce Brands Need Phone Support?

The way consumers operated during the COVID-19 pandemic makes it clear that buying habits are increasingly digital. During the pandemic, businesses with poor customer service…

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outsourcing customer service

Customer Support Services That You Should (and Shouldn’t) Outsource

The age-old customer service (CS) question — to outsource or not to outsource?  Outsourcing brings lots of benefits, but it also means letting go of…

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How to Create a Cost-Effective Customer Service Solution

Today, customer service is continuing to play a crucial role in business growth. It has become a differentiating element with a direct impact on business…

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how to outsource customer service

How to Outsource Customer Service: Choosing the Right Provider in 6 Steps

Outsourcing your customer service in the right way means gaining flexibility, low costs, and quality service. It’s also about having the ability to sail smoothly…

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customer care checklist

Delivering Quality Customer Care: A Checklist for 2021

Being able to take care of your customers has never been more crucial. Changes in the past year have meant customers aren’t experiencing face-to-face customer…

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Why Customer Experience Matters: And How to Reduce Customer Churn

The quality of your customer experiences has a profound impact on your business growth and outcomes. With a plethora of options at their disposal, customers…

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eCommerce customer service

Responding to the Pandemic: How eCommerce Customer Service Must Adapt

A year on, we’re still seeing the after-effects of the pandemic — every industry has been affected in a different way and many are still…

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