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The True Cost of Poor Customer Service

Offering great customer service has arguably never been more important. In today’s digital age, word travels fast. A single negative review can bring significant damage…

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The Importance of Omnichannel Customer Support in 2023

Omnichannel customer support refers to customer service across an integrated range of channels, such as email, social media, text, web chat, and calls. Done correctly,…

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How Overflow Call Management Can Support Your Company’s Growth

Overflow call management is your ability to deal with call volumes beyond your usual capacity. In customer service, consistency is key. 75% of customers desire…

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5 Tips for an Excellent Customer Support Onboarding Process

The stakes for a successful customer onboarding are high. Which is why anyone representing you needs to give the right impression.  Getting customer support right…

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Best Customer Service Outsourcing Companies in 2023

Customer service matters now more than ever. And with ever-evolving circumstances to contend with, brands must rethink best practices and build new strategies to deliver…

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Customer Service Outsourcing Pricing Guide for 2023

You get what you pay for in life – and customer service outsourcing is no different.  Most customer service outsourcing providers charge an hourly rate….

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What Overflow Call Answering Service is Right for Your Business?

Overflow call answering services are transformative. When you’re experiencing a deluge of incoming calls, it can be a struggle to stay afloat. But – regardless…

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What is the Best Customer Service Model in 2023?

Your Guide to Customer Satisfaction Operating a successful business requires awareness of customers and their needs. the types of Customer service tools can range from…

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Managing Your Call Centre Retention and Recruitment

You know that recruitment and retention are vital to keeping your call centre running smoothly. You also probably know that retention is also one of…

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