Case Study: Hyperice

Founded in 2011, Hyperice is a global, high-performance wellness company that provides innovative recovery equipment for athletes — with a team of celebrity ambassadors, including Naomi Osaka, Erling Haaland and Rory McIlroy. A US company, Hyperice wanted to expand their presence in Europe. To do this, they needed to enhance their customer service function on the continent.

But as a high-performance brand producing state-of-the-art products, finding the best fit agents who could resolve issues about technical products in multiple languages was a challenge. Reaching out to Odondo in Summer 2021, Odondo were able to provide experienced, highly skilled customer service agents in Europe, successfully helping Hyperice bolster the European presence.

We needed the right type of agent to make our expansion into the European market successful. Odondo provided high-quality, versatile agents, providing support to our customers in multiple languages.

– Hyperice


The problem: Getting the right agents to make expansion into Europe a success


Before working with Odondo, Hyperice made do with ad-hoc technology solutions, such as translation apps, to provide support to their customers. It became clear that this level of service was ultimately unsustainable, and as Q4 approached the seasonal demands of Black Friday and the holiday period compounded the problem. High quality, versatile agents were needed to provide high quality, versatile support.

And as a high-performance wellness company producing advanced health and fitness equipment, all interactions with customers had to be exceptional. Agents had to match Hyperice’s brand image and provide specialist information, accurately representing their brand and resolving queries.

This meant that Hyperice needed agents:

  • Across multiple languages
  • Who could quickly learn the technical product information
  • And provide luxury-standard service in alignment with their brand.


The solution: Provide high-quality customer service agents across multiple markets


Odondo quickly sourced agents who could represent Hyperice in multiple languages, providing four agents for Hyperice’s German, Italian, Spanish and French markets. The speed of deployment helped Hyperice successfully deal with the influx of queries during Q4, their peak season.

With support from Hyperice, we provided additional training to get all agents on the campaigns up to speed with their products and tone of voice. Following a successful initial partnership, Odondo sourced another agent for Hyperice’s German market, in Q4 of 2022, to keep up with increased demand.

Due to Hyperice’s satisfaction with the European agents Odondo provided, Hyperice asked for additional support from Odondo’s agents in their core US team, as the customer service team there struggled to keep up with the volume of tickets.

Overall, Odondo provided customer support across the US and Europe, in multiple languages and regions, demonstrating:

  • Excellent product knowledge
  • Adherence with Hyperice’s tone of voice
  • Customer support across different channels: ticketing and live chat.

Odondo’s agents provided excellent service to our customers and were well-liked by us and our customers. So much so that we decided to bring more agents on board to provide additional support in the US.

– Hyperice


The results: Establishing Hyperice in new markets and extending our partnership

Since Odondo’s partnership with Hyperice began, the company has successfully established a strong presence in the European market. Odondo’s agents continue to support Hyperice’s customers as their business grows across all their markets. This growth has enabled Hyperice to continue to invest in the partnership with Odondo.

Odondo were able to provide Hyperice with the versatile, multi-skilled agents they needed — when they needed them. Because of the value this provided, Hyperice brought Odondo in to help them with overflow ticket support in their home market, the US. But what was meant to be a short-term six week solution became a longer-term six month solution due to the high-quality support Odondo helped provide their customers and business.

This has helped Hyperice go far beyond using translation apps to deal with multilingual queries, instead providing a personable experience to their customers, while still providing a cost effective solution.

As Hyperice continues to grow, Odondo continues to support, wherever and whenever that support is needed.

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