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Learn how to best serve your customers with Odondo's efficient market research and customer survey teams.

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What's the benefit?

Odondo helps businesses conduct market research, run marketing surveys, and collect survey data with a fully-managed service delivered on-demand.

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Scalable research teams

Our teams are UK-based and available whenever you need them. Start with a test project and then ramp up whenever you’re ready.

You get the resources required to gather the insights you need without commitment, contracts, or hassle.

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Friendly and helpful professionals

To get genuine insights, you need to make a connection. That's why our agents are trained in customer service.

As such, we deliver great experiences throughout the market research process — gathering information and creating positive outcomes.

How do we achieve this?

Odondo’s distributed model gives you cost-effective access to the resources you need to collect valuable intel on your target audience. And since they’re trained in campaign-level specifics, they can work just like an extension of your team.

Pay-as-you-use pricing

With Odondo, you’ll only pay for the resources you need to collect market data when you need them. Request or relinquish additional resources at any time — you’ll only pay for them while you’re using them.

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Responsive campaigns

Market research is about uncovering insights. On-demand flexibility lets us update strategic decisions and refine campaigns on-the-go. That means always asking the right questions and honing in on better outcomes.


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