Rapidly Scale Your Sales Efforts

Quickly and easily support or build a sales team to generate and qualify leads.

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What's the benefit?

Odondo provides businesses with the outsourced sales support team they need to qualify leads and drive sustainable growth.

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Rapid scale-up

Odondo lets you grow your sales process on a campaign-specific basis. Get access to the resources you need, when you need them, and meet your sales targets every time.

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Industry-experienced professionals

We handpick reps for your business based on your needs. Sales outsourcing only works if the reps working for you understand the industry and customer they’re speaking too.


Targeted results

Our sales professionals can help you achieve the results you’re after including appointment setting, lead qualification, inbound sales pipeline support, and much more.

How do we achieve this?

Odondo’s distributed model gives you cost-effective access to experienced sales professionals based in the UK. And since you only pay for them when you need them, you’ll never have to waste budget again.

Pay-as-you-use pricing

There’s no extra cost to scale your sales support team up or down with Odondo. Request or relinquish additional resources at any time as demand fluctuates — you’ll only pay for them while you’re using them.

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sales representatives distributed across the UK

Distributed UK-based reps

Outsourced sales support doesn’t have to be offshore. Odondo’s distributed model provides cost-effective cloud-based access to UK sales professionals whenever you need them.

Customised training and outcomes

Odondo agents receive brand and campaign-specific training so they can work closely with you to grow your sales.

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