Case Study: Love To Dream

Founded in 2008, Love To Dream has gone from strength to strength, providing the highest level of quality with trusted sleep solutions for babies and infants, to families all over the world. With their headquarters and customer service teams being based in Australia, Love To Dream were keen to expand their business to new territories, including the UK, with the eventual goal to move into specific parts of Europe. To do this, they had to set up a dedicated outsourced customer service team based in the UK to support their business.


Finding the best-fit agents for their service and matching the expectations and requirements of UK customers was a challenge. That was until they first engaged with Odondo in June 2021. Odondo provided the best-fit agents for Love To Dream and delivered a managed service for them on-demand – providing ongoing support and experience of customer service best practices in the UK.

We found it challenging to find the best-fit agents for our customer demographic early on. Odondo sourced agents that were both highly skilled, experienced within the role and met the criteria for our customers and us too!

– Love To Dream


The problem: Finding the right agents and information when entering a new territory


Given their global reach expanding outside of Australia, Love To Dream were aware that they didn’t have the knowledge or in-house capabilities to effectively expand their business to foreign territories. With a considerable time difference and region-specific policies to follow, Love To Dream required support reaching those foreign customers just as effectively as they would their Australian ones – ensuring that the customer experience was consistently high across their company. During an initial launch in the UK with a different outsourced customer service (CS) provider, Love To Dream did not feel as though their current support aligned to company culture and the demographic of their customer base. It was vital for Love To Dream to remain true to their company values whilst continuing to provide the best customer experience to their customer base.


This meant that the ideal partner would provide the best-fit customer service agents to help support their UK customer service and manage demand changes during peak times – Black Friday and Mothers Day, for example. The agents supplied by the existing CS provider did not match the criteria that Love To Dream were looking for when expanding into the UK. They wanted to ensure that the agents they onboard are tailored specifically to the needs of their company and customers, who were predominantly parents looking for sleep solutions for their children. This meant that Love To Dream had to look elsewhere.


The solution: Providing the best-fit customer service agents and ongoing region-specific assistance


Nicki Dadic, Head of Customer & Community at Love To Dream, contacted Odondo in February 2021, with a request for customer service agents to support their UK contact centre for a launch date in June. As Love To Dream were already in partnership with another supplier, Odondo managed the transition, supporting and handling any ongoing communications with customers, including returns that were in process. Odondo quickly identified the needs of Love To Dream and provided them with agents who are relevant to their core customer demographic.


Odondo made sure to hire those with childcare and parenting experience when taking ownership of Love To Dream’s UK customer service team. This was to allow for a more tailored experience where the agent would be able to empathise with the child-raising experience. In the case of the customer, sleepless nights is a common issue and is exactly what Love To Dream’s product is a solution to.

All of the agents provided by Odondo are well-liked and trusted by our customers and us. They have supported us greatly with our plans to expand into areas of Europe.

Alongside providing the best-fit agents, who are providing support with phone calls and email tickets, Odondo also provided:


  • Training manuals for new and existing agents working with Love To Dream
  • Their own phone systems and software for all UK agents
  • Provided key support with the transition to the UK
  • Helped provide insight to agents and Love To Dream on UK and EU returns – including standard UK policies


The results: A successful launch in a new territory with plans to expand even further.


What started slowly is now growing as Love To Dream begin to experience an increasing customer base in the UK. Odondo currently provides agents who can help support the needs of UK customers. Alongside regular agents, Odondo also provided Love To Dream with a ‘Super Agent’. A ‘Super Agent’ is a senior agent who is highly knowledgeable on both Love To Dream, its culture and product, as well as highly experienced in quality customer service. They act as key support for regular agents as well as a point of contact with Supervisors and Account Managers at Odondo. This has helped strengthen Love To Dream’s overwhelmingly positive customer experience further than they could have hoped.


Odondo were able to provide exactly what Love To Dream needed: excellent, best-fit customer service agents, as well as an ongoing partnership with Odondo, who will help manage the agents outsourced on top of any further CS requirements as Love To Dream continue to expand.


Moving into 2022, Odondo are still working closely with Love To Dream, as they roll out their business into other parts of Europe, which will require further customer service

support in those regions. This European expansion will see Odondo sourcing multilingual agents who can support spikes in demand across different regions, providing the most flexible and efficient solution for all.


This has led to Odondo successfully supporting an international company to make its mark in brand new markets, with plans to expand further – and Odondo will continue to be there, supporting their customer service every step of the way.

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