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Report: A Pocket Guide to Customer Service Solutions

In an increasingly volatile and unpredictable business environment, the pressure to provide customers with a smooth, reliable and effective customer service experience has never been greater.

This ebook will look to provide readers with practical advice concerning what the most effective customer service solution is for their business.

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A New Approach to Customer Service

eBook: A New Approach to Customer Service

Traditional customer service models are broken. Learn how to fix them with a new approach that enables your business to cope with demand fluctuation, reduce customer frustration and remain agile during disruption.

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Report: The State of Customer Service

A statistical analysis of the current customer service landscape. Learn why business leaders need to better understand customer expectations, their own shortcomings, and why customer service needs to adapt.


Case Study: LIVE Now

As the music industry adapted to a world of social distancing and live events were cancelled globally, LIVE Now seized an opportunity to start streaming concerts. Learn how Odondo helped facilitate customer service for this experimental project.


Case Study: ID-Pal

Facing an increasing number of manual tickets in the lead up to Christmas, ID-Pal required additional capacity to meet the seasonal peak. Read this case study to find out how Odondo outsourced ticket requests to match demand.

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Case Study: Love To Dream

As Love to Dream went from strength to strength, breaking into a new territory was next on their agenda, with finding the right agents and and information being a primary focus.  Learn how Odondo provided the best-fit customer service agents and ongoing region-specific assistance. 

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Case Study: Cotswold Co

An unexpected opportunity led to a surge in demand, leaving Cotswold Company with ever-increasing customer service enquiries — learn how Odondo helped Cotswold Co quickly scale up their customer service operations.

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