How to Reduce Customer Service Costs

With businesses under constant pressure to save costs, customer services teams will always have to work to a budget. This can feel impossible with large call queues, stuffed inboxes and a stream of webchats. As a result, many businesses sacrifice their customer service departments and the delivery of good customer service to stick to their…

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10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Team

There was once a time when customer service was largely limited to one-on-one phone calls. However, 65%1 of people now have higher customer service expectations. As a result, legacy offerings are increasingly making way for 24/7 channels alongside accessibility across social media and other platforms. Companies are currently enjoying revenue increases as high as 80%2…

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How to Scale Customer Service Demands

High-quality customer experience is one of the greatest differentiators between a business and its competitors. Furthermore, according to Microsoft, customer service is an important driver of long-term customer loyalty.1 This brings its own set of benefits, with 80% of consumers more emotionally connected to a brand when customer service solves their problems.2 Providing consistent customer…

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What is the Best Customer Service Model in 2022?

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Your Guide to Customer Satisfaction Operating a successful business requires awareness of customers and their needs. Customer service tools can range from self-help options to specialised technical support, and these services are needed throughout the entire lifecycle of a given product or service. But, what is the best way to go about constructing a customer…

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How to Create a Cost-Effective Customer Service Solution

Today, customer service is continuing to play a crucial role in business growth. It has become a differentiating element with a direct impact on business outcomes. Up to 78% of customers will change their buying decisions depending on the quality of your customer experience. As this realisation continues to be explosive and impactful, brands have…

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The Importance of Technology in Customer Service

customer service channels

Technology is critical to modern customer service. As more commerce moves online, the ability to deploy technology to improve customer service grows. And in the context of customer service that is only a good thing, because when used correctly, technology will: Deliver faster communication: Most customers aren’t willing to wait more than 2 minutes in…

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Different Types of Customer Service: And When They Matter Most

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Are you doing everything you can to ensure your customer experience is as smooth as possible? Consider whether you are offering your customers the right options in order to help them solve problems and to retain their loyalty. If you’re unsure, using a customer service partner who already has the knowledge of the ideal customer…

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Seasonal Customer Service Planning: Year-round Customer Service Improvement Strategies

leaves at different seasonal stages

Holidays and peak seasons, such as Christmas and New Year, are crucial for retail and ecommerce sales. They’re a time to improve revenue and earn new customers with compelling offers and discounts. But all that also comes with increased customer service demands. An effective customer service strategy is critical to engaging with seasonal sales and peak periods…

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6 Steps to Implement a Customer Service Strategy

businessmen planning a strategy

Quality customer service is both expected and a competitive differentiator. Of surveyed consumers, 91% would refuse to do business with a brand again because of a bad customer service experience. Yet 86% of UK consumers “expect good” and wouldn’t pay “more” to get it. Brands need cost-effective ways to implement customer service outcomes without negatively…

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In-house vs Outsourcing Customer Service: What’s Better for Your Business?

customer service agents working in a call centre

Outsource vs in-house is a critical choice when it comes to finding the right customer service strategy. There are pros and cons to both. In-house operations offer complete transparency and control, but require dedicated resources to maintain. Outsourced partnerships offer flexibility, cost savings and on-demand expertise. The challenge is finding the right partner who can represent…

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