Customer Service Strategy

Is Customer Service as a Service Just a Buzzword?

By Bobby Devins / March 20, 2024 / Comments Off on Is Customer Service as a Service Just a Buzzword?

Just when you think the world of customer service has hit its limit of new terms and acronyms, a new one manages to emerge. And lately, it’s been “Customer Service as a Service” (CSaaS).  This modern approach to managing customer interactions has gained attention for its innovative, pay-as-you-go, outsourced solution model. But with its rise…

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How to Make Outsourced Customer Service Work for Your Small Business

By Bobby Devins / February 20, 2024 / Comments Off on How to Make Outsourced Customer Service Work for Your Small Business

According to recent data, small businesses make up 99.2% of the total UK business population.1 If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, you need to start by nurturing the factor that, arguably, is most important to your growth: your customer service. After all, 80% of customers say that the experience they’re getting…

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Customer Lifetime Value in eCommerce | How You Can Do Better

By Aamir Baloch / January 16, 2024 /

“Standing out from the crowd” is arguably the most common goal for businesses across any and every industry. But we think it’s safe to say that the pressure to compete has been especially hard on any store that sells online. After all, eCommerce is expected to make up a whopping 37.5% of the UK’s retail…

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Outbound & Inbound Call Centre Services: Your Go-to Guide

By Bobby Devins / December 27, 2023 /

Call centre experiences can make all the difference to the loyalty of your customers.  Research has shown that 60% of consumers have switched brands due to a single negative contact centre experience — so investing in a high-quality call centre is crucial.1 And, as you’re no doubt aware, the two main types of services often…

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Top Call Centre Technology Trends to Expect in 2024

By Aamir Baloch / December 12, 2023 /

Navigating new technologies is the most clear trend of customer service in 2024 but it’s definitely not the only example. Maintaining a healthy business-customer culture is also important to consider. Unsurprisingly 97% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a business after good service interactions.1 Here, we’ll cover the top trends for you…

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onshore metaphor

Onshore vs Nearshore vs Offshore Customer Service

By Bobby Devins / November 28, 2023 /

Companies that outsource customer service enjoy affordable, scalable solutions that can more easily meet consumer needs. Even busy periods are easier to manage with access to high-quality, ready-trained agents who can respond to demand. With 89% of customers reporting that they’re more likely to make a repeat purchase after a positive customer service experience, this…

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Colorful cards with question marks in glass jar on orange

How to Improve First Call Resolution Fast

By Aamir Baloch / November 21, 2023 /

Customers are losing confidence in the support they’re getting from businesses. More than 17% of buyers in the UK have reported having a problem with customer service: the highest ever recorded!1 As a result, the number of customers willing to pay more for good customer service in the U.K. has also increased to an all-time…

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hybrid team

3 Tips on Managing Your Hybrid Customer Service Team

By Aamir Baloch / October 19, 2023 /

Meeting the high customer service standards of today’s consumers is not easy.  Shoppers can choose from a limitless range of websites and stores, and 39% of consumers report that they have less patience today than they did before the pandemic.1 But with 61% of customers being willing to pay at least 5% more for better…

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What’s Required for Great D2C Customer Service During the Golden Quarter?

By Aamir Baloch / September 19, 2023 /

Great customer service (CS) is a given for any successful business. 70% of shoppers have made their buying decisions based on the quality of a company’s CS. 81% also report that a positive CS experience increases their chances of making another purchase from the same store.1 Delivering effective CS is never more important than during…

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black friday

On-demand Customer Support: 5 Ways to Guarantee Your Business Can Deliver on Black Friday

By Bobby Devins / September 12, 2023 /

Black Friday is one of the biggest eCommerce calendar events of the year. Approximately 76% of consumers planned to shop during the Black Friday weekend (BFCM) in 2022, a number that is only projected to increase in 2023.1 As global economic uncertainties persist and 69% of consumers alter their non-essential spending habits to look for…

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