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5 common customer service challenges and solutions

5 Common Customer Service Challenges and Solutions

By Aamir Baloch / August 29, 2023 /

97% of consumers and 98% of contact centre managers say customer service interactions impact whether consumers stay loyal to a brand.1 But despite the importance of high-quality customer service, the national customer satisfaction index fell to 76.6/100 in July 2023 — its lowest score since 2015.2 To improve customer satisfaction and boost acquisition, conversion, and…

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Hiring a Call Centre? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Aamir Baloch / August 1, 2023 /

But according to a 2023 report, 47% of agents said that not having enough time in the day was their biggest day-to-day challenge.1 High-growth and low-growth organisations alike are struggling to meet demand, and may subsequently face reduced customer satisfaction, lower customer retention rates, and higher customer service (CS) costs. Hiring a call centre is…

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5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Efficiency

By Aamir Baloch / July 18, 2023 /

Demand for high-quality customer service is increasing.  In the last year alone, support requests grew by 14%.1 Customer service teams are under significant pressure, having to deal with more customer queries in shorter periods of time. And while businesses have been on top of growing their self-service offerings and expanding their customer care teams, there’s…

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Customer Service vs Customer Support: How Your Business Could Do Better

By Bobby Devins / July 11, 2023 /

While we’re here to talk about the differences between customer service and customer support, they do share one important factor: they’re both crucial to delivering a great customer experience.  Ultimately, understanding what makes the two functions different and what they involve is a great starting point for you to make better decisions around how you…

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Different Types of Customer Service | When They Matter Most

By Bobby Devins / June 29, 2023 /

Are you doing everything you can to ensure that your customer experience is as smooth as possible? Are you offering your customers the right options to help them solve problems and retain their loyalty?  Not sure? Starting with a refresher on what customer service actually involves (including the different types, channels, and models that it…

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Should your Customer Support Service use Fixed Costs?

By Aamir Baloch / June 12, 2023 /

The gains businesses receive out of offering great customer service are clear. 75% of consumers are willing to spend more money if it means receiving a positive customer experience, while 83% point to customer service as the third most important factor behind their buying decisions.1 When you marry those stats up with the fact that…

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How Overflow Call Management Can Support Your Company’s Growth

By Aamir Baloch / April 25, 2023 /

Overflow call management is your ability to deal with call volumes beyond your usual capacity. In customer service, consistency is key. 75% of customers desire consistency in responses, regardless of the channel they use to communicate with you.1 To remain reliable, your business must be equipped to deal with lurking threats, as well as opportunities…

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5 Tips for an Excellent Customer Support Onboarding Process

By Aamir Baloch / April 13, 2023 /

The stakes for a successful customer onboarding are high. Which is why anyone representing you needs to give the right impression.  Getting customer support right is vital for maintaining long term customer relationships and for turning customer churn into customer loyalty. Research shows that over 50% of customers will take action after one bad CS…

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What is the Best Customer Service Model in 2023?

By Aamir Baloch / February 1, 2023 /

Operating a successful business requires a strong awareness of customers and their needs.  There are many types of customer service tools, from self-help options to specialised technical support, and each one can and should be used throughout the entire lifecycle of a given product or service. But how should these different methods be utilised? What…

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Managing Your Call Centre Retention and Recruitment

By Aamir Baloch / January 3, 2023 /

You know that recruitment and retention are vital to keeping your call centre running smoothly. You also probably know that retention is also one of the biggest headaches for call centres. High call centre turnover rates make retaining call centre staff challenging. Research suggests that this is because roles such as call centre agents, customer…

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