Best Customer Service Outsourcing Companies in 2023

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Customer service matters now more than ever. And with ever-evolving circumstances to contend with, brands must rethink best practices and build new strategies to deliver the best service possible.  When customer service falls short, it can have devastating effects — 93% of UK consumers have switched business in the last year due to a negative…

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Customer Service Outsourcing Pricing Guide for 2023

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You get what you pay for in life – and customer service outsourcing is no different.  Most customer service outsourcing providers charge an hourly rate. You can think about that as the “per-hour” cost of hiring a customer service agent and maintaining an outsourced call centre. However, the per-hour cost of using an outsourced customer…

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Outsource Your Customer Service in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism is a fast-paced and growing industry that is expected to be worth $8.6 trillion worldwide in 2022.1 Holidays are a crucial part of people’s lives, and expectations for a seamless experience are high. To remain competitive in the industry, businesses need to provide high-quality customer service on a consistent basis. Travellers can…

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What Makes a Good Outsourced Customer Service Centre?

To be profitable, stretched modern businesses must streamline towards efficiency. Outsourcing can take high-demand, repetitive tasks out of your hands and into those of highly trained professionals. Hence why as many as seven in ten UK-based companies1 now invest in outsourcing solutions.   Common outsourced departments include IT teams, where the outsourced is not directly…

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Customer Support Services That You Should (and Shouldn’t) Outsource

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The age-old customer service (CS) question — to outsource or not to outsource?  Outsourcing brings lots of benefits, but that also means letting go of complete control. And the fear of low-quality offshore call centres leaves many brands wondering what they should (and shouldn’t) outsource. The truth is that outsourcing can be a quality-driven decision…

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10 Questions About Outsourced Customer Service Answered

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Customer service outsourcing is a valuable way to improve outcomes while reducing costs and focusing on the core capabilities of your business. If you’re still debating whether to outsource, check out this blog: In-house vs outsourcing customer service: What’s better for your business? But if you’ve already made up your mind, you likely still have…

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