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6 Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The business strategists at McKinsey call it the “moment of truth” — they’re referring to that moment in any customer interaction that defines the customer experience. It can be as simple as seeking the answer to a question or as emotionally charged as responding to poor quality or a problem with a transaction. According to…
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Different Types of Customer Service: And When They Matter Most

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your customer experience is as smooth as possible? Consider whether you are offering your customers the right options in order to help them solve problems and to retain their loyalty. If you’re unsure, using a customer service partner who already has the knowledge of the ideal customer…
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Seasonal Customer Service Planning: Year-round Customer Service Improvement Strategies

Holidays and peak seasons, such as Christmas and New Year, are crucial for retail and ecommerce sales. They’re a time to improve revenue and earn new customers with compelling offers and discounts. But all that also comes with increased customer service demands. An effective customer service strategy is critical to engaging with seasonal sales and peak periods…
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An eCommerce Customer Service Guide

Excellent customer service isn’t an option. It should be central to your business strategy. 77% of customers will recommend a company to their friends because of a positive customer experience. An even larger 86% of customers have stopped buying from a brand because of a bad experience.  Quality customer service isn’t just about solving problems.…
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Customer Service Outsourcing Pricing Guide for 2021

 You get what you pay for in life – and customer service outsourcing is no different.  Most customer service outsourcing providers charge an hourly rate. You can think about that as the “per-hour” cost of hiring a customer service agent. However, the per-hour cost of using an outsourced customer service provider isn’t as straightforward as…
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How to keep customer service agile, improve customer experiences and increase retention.


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